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Our Kitchen

Just Call Us Kitchen Rental is a 1500 sq. ft. commercial kitchen facility, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our space includes ample prep area, a separate dish sink and prep sink, a large walk-in combo cooler and storage area. A quick summary of our equipment is listed below. We ask our clients to bring small wares such as utensils and scales, and disposable items (plastic wrap, foil, sheet pan liners, etc). We can accommodate a wide range of needs, and support growing businesses. Whether its daily production runs or one time catering events for 400+ guests, we have the space.


  • Walk-in combo cooler freezer
  • Reach-in cooler
  • Reach-in freezer
  • 2 6 burner ranges with oven
  • Tilt skillet
  • Char-broiler
  • Double convection oven
  • Microwave
  • Prep tables
  • 3 Compartment dish sink
  • 2 Compartment prep sink
  • Hand sink
  • Rolling racks
  • 30 qt. Hobart mixer
  • Ice Machine
  • Metro rack shelving
  • Hobart Slicer


Reserving Kitchen Time
We handle booking by accepting reservations for the current and next calendar month. Priority is given to standing reservations, allowing our clients to establish a regular schedule. New and additional reservations are handled on a first-come, first-served basis.

While you’re certainly welcome to bring your own ingredients, as our clients. We do have established relationships with vendors and are happy to make introductions.

Cleaning & Supplies
Each customer is responsible for cleaning the kitchen as part of their kitchen use, including all equipment, tables, and floors. We’ll supply all the necessary cleaning supplies and will take care of the periodic deep clean.

Floor Plan
Click here to see the Just Call Us Kitchen Rental floor plan.