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How to Rent

The first step for most prospective clients is to read the website thoroughly then give us a call or send us an email in order to make an appointment to see the kitchen. Since someone is not always available for drop-in showings, it’s important to make an appointment first.

Our staff is minimal, but we do our best to return all inquiries within 24 hours. We’re available to show you around at just about any time, including evenings and weekends, and we’re happy to answer any questions, and can provide you with the paperwork you’ll need (it isn’t much).

Once you’re ready to get started, we require just three things:

1. A valid San Diego County Food Service Sanitation Certificate
2. Proof of liability insurance with Just Call Us Kitchen Rental & the landlord listed as additional insured
3. A signed operating agreement with Just Call Us Kitchen Rental

Many of our clients visit us early in their planning process, after which we don’t hear from them until a few months later when they are ready to get started. So don’t hesitate to call us even if you’re not sure of everything else quite yet. We understand that many of the people that are new to our space are also new to running their own business.

There’s no pressure, and we may even be able to help you out, as we have with a number of other new, small business owners. If you’ve never worked in a professional commercial kitchen, we highly recommend you spend a week interning so you get the lay of the land if you will. We can help with setting that up as well (at some of San Diego’s finest restaurants I might add).